Tahiti and Moorea on the Cheap – The Affordable Side to French Polynesia

Vacations are precious moments in the person’s everyday living, because due to the hectic schedule nowadays, were struggling to find time for you to relax and luxuriate in life with our dear ones. So, you need to select the right destination to spend our visit essentially the most enthralling way. The place really should not be just beautiful, but adventurous too. There must be several activities, capable of engaging us completely. Apart from this, the area also needs to possess excellent accommodation that surpasses expectations. However, identifying this kind of perfect place is usually a difficult task.

Discovered in 1722, this tropical paradise has become the stuff dreams are made from, and has been a popular tourist destination for over 4 decades. The name Bora Bora, meaning “first born” in Tahitian, suggests that the initial inhabitants from the island are from Tonga, as Vava’u, the traditional language the location where the name emanates from, indicates this.

Today its major money spinner is tourism. Mostly it is aquacentric and industry has expanded far and wide over time. One can visit and choose his/her accommodation from a chain of cheap yet fitting bungalows to super lavish and comfortable over water guest houses. With its mountainous adventure settings and moon lit sandy beaches and diving areas having a peak diving period of April to November, Bora Bora is essential visit as well as a life-time experience too good to not be missed.

Bora Bora’s fame is disproportionate to its size; the island includes a circumference of approximately 19 miles plus a population of 7,000. If Bora Bora were the same shape as a circle, who’s just isn’t, it will resemble a donut. The island’s trademark, the steeple-like Mount Otemanu, and also the more rounded Mount Pahia rise near its center. Its mountainous core quickly gives strategy to a flat coastal strip, in which the entire population resides. Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon that’s enclosed by coral reef. Small sand-fringed islets sit atop the reef. The lagoon cuts deep bays into the area. The dreamy ambiance washes away your troubles and puts you in a state of relaxation.

Mount Otemanu is another one of the most famous tourist spots for people who visit Bora Bora. This is an ancient volcano that rises over 2000 feet through the ground. When the people hike into it, they may be greeted by the luscious lagoon following their journey. This is a great spot for picnics and photo sessions with friends. It is one of the most memorable things during the vacation. Most Kansas City travel agencies use Mount Otemanu as one of their selling points for clients to visit Bora Bora.